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We solve your digital workflow woes.

No matter the industry or project scale, we offer design assist services, consultation, and custom software tools to rationalize your designs.

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Design Assist

As a multidisciplinary team, we are designers first and foremost.

With years of experience at some of the most advanced fabrication shops in the Northeast, combined with our passion for design, there is no project too complex for our team.

Our expertise in computational design can be applied at any scale. From conceptual massing models to machine ready production models, we can reduce complexity and help you achieve the design goals of your next project.

  • Varying levels of engagement from a single process to entire projects

  • Form generation, visualization, analysis, and rationalization

  • Fabrication drawings

  • Design and development for prototypes and products

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Digital Workflow Consulting

Let us translate our knowledge and experience into advice, strategies, and innovation for you and your team.

Whether we are analyzing your current workflows, working with you to determine the right tools for a specialized project, or helping you explore your options when it comes to rationalizing digital designs; we are here to help.

  • Digital strategy analysis

  • Innovative digital workflows

  • Insights, trends, and cutting edge technology

  • Market analysis

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Custom Software

A one-off script unique to a single project, a repetitive task to be optimized and automated, or a set of tools you will use again and again; we can provide you with the custom software solutions you need to achieve your design goals and digital production needs.

Building automation into your company's routine saves time and mindless mistakes. A decade of experience with computational tools and creating custom software solutions enables us to deliver intelligent and

innovative results that will save you time and money.

  • Optimization and automation

  • Custom scripts, plugin development, and software tools

  • .NET language development for cross platform use

  • Grasshopper and Rhino toolsets

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