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Alliance Theatre

The award winning Alliance Theater in Atlanta Georgia, designed by Trahan Architects, is CW Keller’s most complex fabrication project to date. While working there, our Director Jason developed the parametric Design-Assist model that turned Trahan’s 3D surfaces and design intent into parts for fabrication. The sweeping stringer geometry had specific design criteria including acoustics, lighting and fire prevention. Jason’s algorithmic approach was used throughout the project to produce the exact stringer geometry that was fabricated using an innovative laser guided technique developed by CW Keller’s experienced team.

Asics Boston

Our Director Jason developed the Design-Assist parametric model for Asics’ Boston Office, designed by IA Interior Architects. The model was developed so that the design team could push and pull surfaces while adjusting parameters to achieve their desired design intent. The parametric model included constraints for fabrication, allowing the engineering team to quickly turn the parts into fabrication information.

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